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Do you have headaches when you use your phone for too long? Worried about the harmful effects of EMR on your health? Our protections against EMR are made for you!

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Carbon, a rough and precious material, a natural antioxidant, quite simply

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Carried on oneself, posed like an ornament in a living room, an invisible rampart, or almost

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How to avoid electromagnetic radiations?

Several methods exist to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiations, such as turning off your phone's wifi, using a corded phone rather than a mobile phone, checking that your microwave is working properly, etc. However, they are not very practical. At Biovibes, you are protected at all times thanks to our pastilles, bracelets, necklaces, or even our carbon spheres.

How does the bracelet protect against electromagnetic radiations?

The bracelet is made of carbon pearls. It offers a protective field of approximately 50 cm in diameter against the waves emitted by all devices when you are on the move, all mobile phones other than yours and wifi in public places.

What are EMRs?

An electromagnetic radiations is a category of radiation. It has both an electric field and a magnetic field oscillating at the same frequency. There are two types of radiations: natural and artificial electromagnetic radiations (created by humans). They can propagate in air, vacuum, and cross certain materials.

How to use the no EMRs chip?

The self-adhesive carbon chip is recommended forcell phones, iPod Touch and any other small device that uses data, wifi or Bluetooth. It is installed behind the device, in the back part. You can stick it directly on the device or on your case. To do this, remove the pink film before attaching the chip. It offers a complete protective field for one device. Each device must have its own patch.

What is the impact of electromagnetic waves on health?

Over 85% of people have no physical symptoms or are unaware that their discomfort can be produced by electromagnetic radiations. Among the most common ailments are: headaches, insomnia, fatigue, loss of concentration, and muscle and joint pain.

How to use the carbon sphere?

The sphere offers a protective field of twelve meters in diameter. It is recommended for large spaces such as those of a house, for apparently blocks, condo or office buildings, to protect you from the waves emitted by you and your neighbors. It usually sits in the central room where you spend the most time; living room, living room, bedroom, etc.

Which stone against electromagnetic radiations?

There are different stones to protect against electromagnetic radiations such as tourmaline or malachite. At Biovibes, the active ingredient in products is fullerene, a molecule discovered by two chemists, which won them a Nobel Prize in chemistry. Composed of carbon, fullerenes allow the suction of free radicals present in industrial electromagnetic waves.

What are the delivery times?

Biovibes products are delivered between 24 hours and 5 days in mainland France, depending on the size of your order. Each product is carefully protected with a sleeve.

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