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+75 000 units already sold worldwide ! BioVibes are protective devices that have been scientifically proven to neutralize the damage caused to body cells by electromagnetic radiations (EMR). These radiations, emitted by wireless technology, attack human cells and are more present than ever in our lives with the use of cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Tests have been run on various substrates, proving BioVibes to be efficient against EMRs. Moreover, they are affordable, 100% natural and have an unlimited lifespan. With more than 75,000 units sold worldwide, BioVibes is a global pioneer and leader in EMR protection.

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Nos Valeurs Biovibes

Educating the world’s population regarding the impacts of AEMR on health.

Making the information accessible to allow an understanding of the issue and draw an objective portrait.

Making it affordable, by offering a 100% natural way to cope with our daily activities using these so useful wireless technologies, without putting our health and our loved ones’ at risk.


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